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TCX Range

Offers a wide choice depending on the workshop’s own individual requirements. Based on a standard/ traditional tyre changer layout – it is a workhorse for high volume, it can help with low profile tyres/ rims, or can be an entry point into leverless tyre changing.

  • Great performance
  • Great reliability
  • Versatile
  • Real value for money
  • Practically simple


An easy to operate tyre changing machine with automatic ‘space saving’ swing arm column and centre clamping.

With tremendous power and control you will be able to match-mount and demount tyres with ease.

Download your of copy of the TCX578 brochure in PDF Format



Combines traditional design elements with advanced capabilities to service everything from steel wheels to challenging low-profile tyres on large-diameter rims.Real value for money ‘leverless’ tyre changer with automatic ‘space saving’ swing arm.

Specialist designed thin leverless tool head prevents damage to both rim & beads

The patented Bead Press System speeds and eases clamping, lubricating, demounting and mounting. This exclusive system centres the wheel and tyre to ensure maximum service strength and rigidity

Superior Clamping for 12” to 30” rims

Download your of copy of the TCX575 brochure in PDF Format



An ideal tyre changer for the range of traditionalists who want big power in a lower tech package.

Easy to operate controls and an automatic space saving swing arm column provide the user with full flexibility and ease of use whilst an enhanced clamping table can easily handle 12″ to 30″ wheels safely and allow the user to operate at two different work positions using the adjustable table height clamping.

Download your copy of the TCX565 Automatic Swing-Arm Tire Changer brochure in PDF Format



A premium quality tilt back post tyre changer, designed for high volume work. Is pneumatically operated, pedal controlled with a tilt back post.

Great performance and reliability on mounting and demounting car, and van tyres – Bead Press System inclusive.

Download your copy of the TCX525 brochure in PDF Format