5 reasons why Hunter still offers the best wheel alignment

5 Reasons why Hunter still offers the best wheel alignment

Alignment results in 90 seconds

1Alignment results in 90 seconds.

  • Fastest Procedure.
  • Minimal set up time.
  • Fast printouts.

QuickGrip Adaptors

  • ‘One click fit’ rapid set up.
  • No metal to metal contact.
  • Fits alloys, steel and plastic rims.
QuickGrip Adaptors

Low cost of maintenance

3Low cost of maintenance and ownership

  • Aftersales team are committed to 48 hour resolution success.
  • Full service coverage of over 25 engineers throughout the UK & Ireland.
  • Service packages available alongside product warranties.

4HunterNet online cloud database

  • Webspecs instant access for alignment data.
  • Email alignment results rapidly to customers or business partners.
  • Work management analysis and activity.
HunterNet online cloud database

On-site and IMI approved training

5On-site and IMI approved training provided

  • On-site training provided to cover workshop staff.
  • Vouchers for IMI approved ‘Wheel Alignment Fundamentals’ course.
  • Technician refresher training optional.
  • FREE of charge

Because we can’t be limited to only five reasons…

Code Link device

  • The last step is an alignment service.
  • An integrated, complete alignment system.
  • No need for multiple scan tools.
  • Covers most vehicles with one seamless procedure.
Code Link device



  • Completes the job 60% faster with a synchronised aligner and left.
  • FIA is automatic.
  • Automates technician tasks that can be easily forgotten or skipped.

8Quick Check for more repair opportunities

  • Fast result without wasting workshop time.
  • Generate more service revenue and profit.
  • Optional tools such as battery tester and
    tread depth to sell more.
Quick Check

The right configuration

The right configuration

  • Options for every workshop.
  • Sensor packages for any space.
  • Premium consoles maximise productivity.

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