A tool to not be without this season..

The easiiHeat at work

With the winter weather taking its usual toll on the UK’s roads, it’s the time of year when there is an increase in workshop business through the bumps, scrapes, tyre and wheel alignment faults motorists have.  This adds pressure on garages, Tyreshops and bodyshops to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Our easi iHeat is the perfect tool for speeding up any tricky repair job – making light work of straightening, bending and freeing off operations. 

The easi iHeat induction heaters all deliver a rapid and safe heat with finger point accuracy where it really counts! They are fast, economical, safe and very easy to use, plus the benefits of not requiring gas, means it is a cheaper asset to any workshop, saving up to 50%, though savings on insurance, gas bottles and not forgetting the Health & Safety element compared to gas ownership.

The range consists of 5 units increasing in power (1KW to 16KW)  and also the duration of use, so they really are adaptable to any workshops needs. From the 3.7KW unit, they are water cooled so allow longer and consistent usage times.  Delivering a perfect job taking only seconds to heat up ferrous based metals, without a naked flame or excessive heat!

To find out more on our easi iHeat range contact your regional representative to arrange a FREE demonstration on 01327 323007 or – click here for further details and a video of the easi iHeat in action.

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