ADAS or to not ADAS – ask us the question?

Why should a workshop consider? ADAS

With most new vehicles now coming equipped with a host of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), it’s essential that these are serviced and calibrated correctly for them to deliver their intended safety benefit. In many instances, this requires the calibration and reset to be completed in conjunction with a full four wheel alignment check so that vehicle’s radars, cameras and other sensors are aligned with the vehicle’s thrust line.

ADAS is a hot topic of conversation currently, and it is hard to understand all that is involved. What is certain there is not a ‘one-way suits all’ and so it is important to fully understand before making any decision as to what system is best for you and your service.

Who should you ask about ADAS reset, for your workshop?

As many OEMs have different hardware and software requirements for calibrating and resetting the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on their vehicles, Pro-Align has teamed up with TEXA to offer the company’s electronic diagnosis and ADAS calibration service solutions and expertise. We are hosting a series of free technical workshops at Pro-Align’s Northamptonshire headquarters to help technicians better understand the Advanced Driver Assistance System reset and calibration process. The perfect ‘no obligation’ opportunity to learn straight from the experts!

“Wheel alignment has always been important to the correct functioning of a vehicle but with the latest advanced driver assistance systems, this is perhaps now more important than ever before,” explains Paul Beaurain, managing director, Pro-Align. “TEXA are one of the leaders in their


Car ready for ADAS calibration procedure at Pro-Align’s training facility

field and share a similar approach as us, by providing workshop customers with the very best knowledge and tools available, giving you first-rate backup, so this is a natural partnership which I’m sure will be a great benefit to all our customers.”

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