Alignment Payback

Want to find how much four wheel alignment can add to your bottom line?

Simply use out payback calculator to change the numbers in the boxes below.

(Using standard lift)
  Four Wheel Alignment
(with wheel alignment lift)
    Number measured per day    
£  Cost per Job
(including basic front adjustment)
£  Additional Adjustments Charge
(Individual rear toe, cambers, caster etc)
    Number of additional adjustments
  Additional Adjustments Value  
Daily Gross Alignment Revenue
Hang on / Tracking system Equipment Premium Aligner
& Alignment Lift
£  Daily Equipment Cost £
(5 Year Lease)
  Net Revenue per Day  
  Net Increase per Day  
£1266 Weekly increase in alignment revenue
£5482 Monthly increase in alignment revenue
£65781 Yearly increase in alignment revenue