Double debut at Automechanika Birmingham

Automechanika | Pro-Align

“With live demonstrations, the RFE was one of the most popular pieces of equipment at the show.

Leading wheel servicing equipment specialist, Pro-Align, selected this year’s Automechanika Birmingham for the launch of its two latest workshop systems. Featuring a number of exciting innovations, the equipment has been designed to help workshops improve their customer service levels and operational efficiency.

Attracting much attention at the show and now available to order is the Hunter Road Force Elite (RFE) diagnostic system. The RFE is the latest development in Hunter’s advanced Road Force and Lateral Force tools which are designed to solve the most challenging of wheel vibration and tyre pull issues and help reduce customer comebacks.
By applying a load roller to the wheel and tyre combination and effectively taking it on a road test, the RFE identifies the tyre’s stiff spot and the wheel rim’s low spot, which can be force matched to minimise any vibrations as well as proposes best wheel fitment plan to reduce any pull effect. For more information on the subject visit Balance My Car

During the rapid diagnostic process, which, at 70 seconds floor-to-floor, is even quicker than a standard traditional wheel balancer, the RFE also scans the profile of the wheel rim to allow even more accurate and discrete placement of fewer balance weights which can be hidden behind the wheel spokes.
The RFE has already received a number of significant OEM approvals for global use in vehicle manufacturer franchise dealer workshops including Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Bentley, SEAT, Skoda and Volkswagen.

To see the Road Force Elite balancer product page, click here

Automechanika | Pro-Align

Crowds gathered to speak to the Pro-Align team

Also making its debut at Automechanika was Pro-Align’s new leverless tyre changer, the TC Line. The changer offers workshops a robust system and some of the best features on the market which are packaged into a compact unit which is incredibly easy to use.
Capable of changing wheels from 10” – 30”, the TC Line features an extra-grip clamping device which allows clamping with just one cone positioning operation and gripping pressure is automatically increased during operation. The dual bead breaker roller system is simultaneously positioned in one simple movement and the gradual, controlled motion of the bead breaker allows the bead to be broken close to the edge of the rim. The leverless tool head is coated in scratch-proof material and removes the beads without any risk of scratching rims.

To see the TC Line product page, click here

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