Good Alignment vs Great Alignment

Good Alignment vs Great Alignment

Purchasing alignment equipment is a major investment for any business and buying the right aligner for your workshop is essential. To help you with the equipment jargon, we’ve compiled the top points that should be considered before making the crucial decision.

Will the aligner measure the full 14 angles?

Does it have the capability to gain latest up-to-date vehicle data?

Does it provide an essential customer printout that’s easy to understand?

How quickly can you speculatively check a vehicle for mis-alignment?

What’s the level of accuracy and repeatability of alignment measurement?

Build quality, heritage and origin.

Pedigree of supplier – level of guidance and service support.

Is any product training offered?

Remember – Refferals or recommendations.

It’s an excellent idea to have a budget but it’s important to realise that the cheapest machine on the day of order may not prove to be the one with the lower cost of ownership or the one that helps generate your required levels of revenue. Look at the full picture so you’re not disappointed.

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