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Introducing Hunter Elite TD

Faster. Easier. Smarter.

Hunter premium engineering from Pro-Align: the Elite TD is a clear leader when it comes to imaging alignment technology, delivering fast, accurate alignment measurement times, award winning software and connected customer service. Your Hunter alignment bay will redefine your customer experience whilst our aftersales care and support help you to maximise your business’ productivity and profitability.

What makes the Elite TD, the wheel alignment equipment of choice?


Ease of use

The simplicity of swift measurement capture thanks to innovative and technologically advanced 3D imaging cameras as well as Hunter unique software that makes the technicians job easy and delivers high levels of productivity.

  • QuickGripTM Target Adapters – Simple one click fit design. No metal to metal contact means a smaller, lightweight solution without any chance of damage to rims.
  • Fast Precise Alignment – Ensuring that every job is right first time, every time — typically in under 90 seconds.
Premium Design

Premium Design

  • Four High Resolution Digital Cameras – Lower maintenance and mounted out of harm’s way.
  • Flexible Crossbar Mounting Options – The Elite TD can accommodate most workshop layouts, fixed column, lift column, dual column, wall/ceiling mounted or mobile cabinet mounted, to best suit your workspace.
  • Robust and Reliable – Built to withstand the rigours of tough workshop life.

Why Elite TD?

  • QuickCheck feature for more repair opportunities – Generate more alignment revenue without wasting workshop time.
  • QuickCompTM – One roll saves time and requires less space for rolling compensation.
  • WinAlign™ – All alignment specs and data are provided direct from manufacturer ensuring accuracy. Our award winning step by step guide through alignment procedures even comes complete with a tools & kit guide enabling the technician to work smarter.
Elite TD

Success Stories

You don’t have to take our word for it – see what our customers have to say.


“Alignment is one of the most profitable things within a workshop so it is important that we have a specialist alignment bay. I am very confident that the Elite TD wheel alignment system helps us to be transparent with our customers by having red and green printouts. It’s very easy to use and so quick twinned with the ramp that we have.”
David Smith, Bespoke Tyres & Autocare


“Using the Hunter Elite TD, we offer a free full tyre and alignment check to all vehicles that come in here. We check a minimum of 15-25 cars a day and the speed of the aligner means that it doesn’t cost us hours of technician time to present these diagnostic figures to the customer.”
Stuart Adams, Adams and Page

Elite TDElite TD

Calculate for yourself…

Wheel alignment still remains the highest Profit margin service out of all the common service opportunities provided in service workshops today.

With the right level of equipment, the correct strategy and support in place, the return on your investment can be substantial – within only a matter of months!

Becoming a ‘HunterWise’ workshop you can earn up to £100,000 per annum, based on 5 cars a day over 6 days. But don’t just take our word for it, see our ROI calculator below, add in your own figures and see how much you can earn per week, per month, per year.

Payback Calculator

Step 1: Input your numbers into the box below

Regular Imaging Aligners
Elite TD
    Number of speculative cars measured  
  Number of jobs sold from above  
£  Cost per Job
(including basic front adjustment)
£  Additional Adjustments Charge
(Individual rear toe, cambers, caster etc)
    Number of additional adjustments
  Additional Adjustments Value  
Daily Gross Alignment Revenue

Step 2: See your daily equipment cost

Regular Imaging Aligners Equipment Hunter Elite TD
£12  Daily Equipment Cost £
(5 Year Lease)
  Net Revenue per Day  
£0 Net Increase per Day  

Step 3: See how much you can earn

Increase in alignment revenue NET Results:
Weekly Increase
Monthly Increase
Annual Increase

Step 4: Contact us for a full consultation



Sounds good? See for yourself. A collection of videos from Pro-Align.