Which Hunter PA200 aligner is right for my business?

Invest in a Hunter PA200 system ahead of 2019

You have recently decided to make the investment towards a Hunter alignment system. That’s great!

But now comes the tough part of deciding which PA200 system is best for your business requirements, your budget and where you see your business growing in the future.

Whichever aligner system you decide to purchase, you will not only be making an investment for your business, but you will also be creating business opportunities that will shape and change your alignment service forever. 

The PA200 imaging aligner machines are part of our essential range, which is exactly what it says on the label: it is the essential aligner to help your business succeed. 

If you’re still struggling to decide which imaging aligner is for you, we have put together a product guide which can help compare which system is right for you. 

PA200 Lite


The Hunter PA200 Lite is ideal for small to medium independent workshops and is the answer for those who are restricted by budget and/or space, whilst still offering a highly professional four wheel alignment service. 

The PA200 Lite offers high speed and wireless Pro-Align software, short roll compensation, whilst offering a light display design and Hunter standard hardware. And because it’s flexible for any workshop, the PA200 Lite comes in either standard conventional or imaging sensors. 

Overall, the PA200 Lite offers stress-free use and support, clear customer friendly printouts and is adaptable to a wide range of wheel configurations. You can now enjoy the Hunter quality, Pro-Align’s renowned support, plus the financial, efficiency and customer service benefits that result from delivering a customer recognised Hunter wheel alignment service. 




Are you looking to push your budget out a bit further, but still limited to cost?

The Hunter PA200 PLUS imaging aligner, part of our essential range, is an entry-level aligner with just as much Hunter unique quality and imaging technology at a truly affordable and competitive price. 

Offering quality, award-winning imaging technology, the PA200 Plus utilises its high definition targets to deliver 14 point ‘live’ alignment readings to be produced within a matter of minutes to ensure 100% accuracy. Plus, with the results being displayed in an easy to understand colour ‘Hunter styled’ printout, now you can have the reassurance of the Hunter and renowned Pro-Align support. The PA200 Plus is truly a step up in imaging alignment as well as the clear step up for your business, without the price replications. 

It not only looks the business, but it IS the business. 



PA200And finally, our ‘ACE’ of imaging aligners: the PA200 ACE

The revolutionary PA200 ACE is our faster, easier and more efficient imaging aligner that includes Hunter Patented QuickGrip adaptors and high-definition targets accelerate service with set UP times in seconds instead of minutes. giving your business a great value of return. 

Get super quick, 90-second alignment using the One-click fit HQ QuickGrip target that helps the technician to accurately and efficiently do their job, without damage to expensive rims. 

Not only does it offer revolutionary technology, but it offers low maintenance for the technician with no electronics, cables or calibration required with a shop-tough polymer structure that can withstand any workshop environment. 

The PA200 ACE gives workshops and garages investment reassurance and future peace of mind thanks to Pro-Align’s unique 24 month ‘Upgradability Guarantee’. This assurance means the PA200 ACE can be transformed into Hunter’s premium Elite TD aligner, staging investment over a longer period. 

Which aligner system will your business be investing in? Are you looking to upgrade and improve your existing wheel alignment system ahead of 2019? 

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