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HunterNet is our cloud-based support network to your Hunter aligner

Technological innovations to alignment hardware undoubtedly have a critical role to play in the accuracy, efficiency and profitability of a tyre shop’s wheel alignment service. After all, just a few years ago, who could have imagined performing a full, professional four wheel alignment check in just 90 seconds, as is now possible with the Hunter HawkEye Elite TD?
However, despite the advances to the physical equipment, it’s arguably software developments which are now making the biggest difference and presenting workshops with the biggest opportunity to grow their wheel alignment business, making it more profitable than ever before and gaining the edge over other workshops.

HunterNet is the critically acclaimed software from Hunter which makes this transformation possible. Available on Hunter imaging aligners, equipped with the WinAlign operating system, HunterNet is an innovative cloud-based software tool. It allows alignment results to be captured and transferred to customers and front of house staff in rapid time and with great ease. Managed correctly, this fast information transfer facilitates more approvals from customers of required corrective work.

Aside from the upsell advantages, HunterNet provides a host of benefits across the business.

For workshop managers, HunterNet provides the ability to track a host of statistics and generate reports which can help improve profitability. The number of opportunities generates can be easily compared against the number successfully converted, alignment activity can be tracked and vehicle records can be stored to create a detailed customer history. Furthermore, individual sites can be compared against one another in a branch network environment, allowing internal benchmarking, target setting and performance analysis to maximise a group’s performance.
In addition to the management benefits, HunterNet helps also technicians in a number of ways too. It contains a host of vehicle-specific data and information such as whether steering angle resets are required, ensuring that the alignment check is carried out as specified by the vehicle manufacturer, and in a fast and efficient manner. Furthermore, HunterNet also includes videos and a tool list to provide on the job training and assistance on-demand.

Meanwhile, for customers, HunterNet can provide added reassurance and confidence. Vehicle results can be communicated quickly and easily and by sending them the explanatory videos, animations and images, helping support you can eliminate confusing technical conversations and deliver total transparency. All of these aspects can help build trust and ongoing future business with the customer.

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