NEW Hunter Aligner announced – PA200 ACE

We are delighted to announce Hunter have launched a NEW mid-range imaging aligner that utilises some of Hunters best features, but at a price that is right for you at ONLY £10,995!

The new Hunter PA200 ACE has been developed as a result of feedback from UK workshops. It includes a host of technical features which are unique to Hunter including the ‘one-click fit’ QuickGrip high definition targets, that avoid any potentially damaging metal to metal contact and allows alignment measurement times of just 90 seconds.
On the Linux based system the package also includes Hunter’s integrated workshop management software, HunterNet, which helps technicians carry out the wheel alignment itself, service desks communicate with and sell the job to customers, and workshop managers analyse and optimise their alignment business.

Furthermore, we are offering a 24-month Upgrade Guarantee, which allows workshops to transform the PA200 ACE into the renowned top-of-the-range Hunter Elite TD, without the need to invest in a totally separate aligner. This scalability means workshops can benefit from all of Hunter’s top suite of features such as lighter TD targets, extensive WinAlign and advanced HunterNet software which can all help develop and grow the workshop’s service offering in the future.

For any small to medium sized business seeking a better quality aligner and better level of servicing, but having to work to tighter budgetary constraints – we are pleased to say you can now have your cake and eat it!

Despite its small price tag, the Hunter PA200 has brought strong features to enhance the system’s uncompromised quality, while giving businesses reassurance that premium level servicing can be tested before going straight to the top-of-the-range. This can be particularly appealing if you have any degree of uncertainty about going to the top of the range straight away.

All PA200 ACE systems will be fully supported with our unrivalled level of aftercare that we provide to all of our customers. Furthermore, the low cost of ownership means that you can expect to receive an incredibly rapid return on their investment. In addition, we are offering three Free training vouchers for our IMI accredited wheel alignment fundamentals alignment course and a FREE one-year subscription to the increasingly popular AlignMyCar portal which helps promote your workshops’ alignment services to drivers throughout the UK and Ireland.

So if you are seeking a lower cost aligner, but really would value the Hunters’, reliability and quality service deliverance for you and your customers then the PA200 ACE should not be overlooked. Available from mid-April the PA200 ACE‘s introductory price is for a limited time only so contact us on our LIVE CHAT today!

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