Price freeze opens up entry-level wheel alignment servicing opportunities

To help even more workshops enter the profitable world of wheel alignment, we are freezing prices on entry level Hunter PA200 models until the end of May 2017.

The PA200 Lite

With post-Brexit currency fluctuations hitting the sector hard, we want to give confidence and short-term stability to those budget-restricted workshops who are considering their first investment into wheel alignment but are nervous about rising prices.

Changes in global currency markets have had a significant negative impact on many UK businesses in the last 12 months. Many workshops have told us that they are looking to expand their business through wheel alignment but they are nervous about the wider economic outlook. By announcing this price freeze on our entry level systems, we will be able to bring an element of stability that will give many the confidence to invest, without any fear of rising prices.

Launched just last year, the PA200 systems are designed to combine Hunter’s innovation, quality and alignment technology with our outstanding levels of customer service and support all united in an entry level package. This unique combination makes the PA200 Lite and PA200 Plus models ideal for those workshops operating on a restricted budget or making their first move into the world of professional four wheel alignment.

The PA200 Plus

The PA200 Plus aligner features a two camera system and uses key award-winning imaging technology features found on Hunter’s popular, range-topping Elite TD system. Utilising in-house software, it’s incredibly simple and easy to use. Furthermore, it provides fast and accurate live alignment measurements, delivering a truly professional service in a matter of minutes.

This price freeze means that the PA200 Lite system will be available at an equivalent cost of just £10 per day or the PA200 Plus system for only £11.50 per day.

“We believe the powerful combination of the entry level Hunter PA200 system and strength of Pro-Align’s backup make this a fantastic, value-for-money opportunity for workshops. We look forward to being able to help many more workshops enter the exciting world of alignment and unlock the numerous opportunities available through Hunter wheel alignment servicing.”

To find out more about the Hunter PA200 wheel alignment system, click here or call 01327 323007 to arrange a free ‘no obligation’ demonstration at your workshop.

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