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Auto34 leverless Tyre Changer video

Auto34s Tyre Changer

The Auto34’s unique features and automated functions are what make it a world leading tyre changer.

  • A leverless wonder
  • Makes light work of difficult assemblies
  • Finger tip control
  • Built for rigours of workshop life
  • Match-mounting made simple

Intuitive push button & pedal controls deliver quick tyre changing times, easy to learn and reduces chance for error, regardless of size, design or fitment of wheel assemblies

Powerful high torque motor can service wheel up to 34” in diameter safely and easily.

Ultra thin patented tool head, releases the bead in one fluid motion.

The hydraulic bead roller system offers precise control on bead breaking protecting the tyre sidewall and TPMS pressure sensors.

Quick and Effective MatchMounting™ – holding tyre stationary while the rim rotates – Ideal for use with Hunter’s Road Force Balancer when resolving vibration caused through Radial Force Variation

Download the Auto34s specification sheet in PDF format