Hunter Elite TD

Hunter Elite TD

Hunter Elite TD
Hunter Elite TD – 90 Second Alignment Video
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Hunter Elite TD

Unrivalled speed, precision and profitability in just 90 seconds.

The top of the range Elite TD has taken the alignment industry by storm with technological advancements delivering striking and radical developments over entry level systems.
  • Quick-to-fit clamps on each wheel target
  • No metal-to-metal contact that could damage rims
  • 4 wheel alignment checks in under 90 seconds
  • Rolling compensation made easy
  • Up-to-date manufacturer data

Revolutionary patented integrated adaptor and target design. Newly redesigned Hunter high-res digital cameras. Specialist software to calculate completely accurate readings. Compensated readings regardless of clamp position.

How does it work? The integrated targets are firmly fixed to the face of the wheel using QuickGrip™ adaptors which feature spring-loaded arms to grip the tyre, thus avoids any metal-to-metal contact and potential rim damage, plus are super quick to attach. Made from a tough polymer material to withstand tough workshop life it is nearly 50 percent lighter in weight than previous targets in the Hunter range. The new design also features a much narrower profile, making it easier to use in restricted or cramped bays. Quicker than all others. Hunter has also certainly rewritten the compensation rule book with their patented QuickComp™. QuickComp™ allows users to perform rolling compensation, essential to take account of any wheel rim runout/mounting error, with just one simple roll forward! The Hunter Elite console features award-winning WinAlign Version 14 software, which includes many familiar components such as ExpressAlign which optimises workflow and sequences, WinToe which ensures a straight steering wheel every time, VirtualView, an extensive tool database, as well as HunterNet which provides workshops with current vehicle technical data obtained by Hunter directly from vehicle manufacturers and allows both before and after results to be emailed directly to customers. With optional features such as Codelink, a steering angle reset accessory that integrates to make it an all-inclusive aligner.
Download the Elite TD specification sheet in PDF format
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