Manufacturer Alignments


Motor Manufacturer Specific Aligners


Motor Manufacturer Specific Aligners

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Motor Manufacturer Specific Aligners

Hunter wheel aligners not only meet but in most cases exceed standards set by motor manufacturers around the world.

With major manufacturers such as VW Group, Mercedes Benz & BMW, Hunter have worked closely to supply Homologated aligners, custom designed to include motor manufacturer specific software.


  • Approved & used by manufacturers worldwide
  • Manufacturer designed /supported software
  • Offer Speculative alignment = Good Customer Service
  • Significantly increases Aftersales service revenue
  • ‘Hunter’s Professional design’ fits dealer ethos


There is no manufacturer who does not endorse, promote or actively use Hunter, which can often be seen at three levels in a car company:

1) Factory level Audit work – on production vehicles

2) Factory level Research & Development – by engineering

3) Within dealer network – For aftermarket post service repair alignment work

Download Hunter Approvals in PDF format

HawkEye Imaging Alignment:

– VW Group – VAS6292 WATD

– BMW – KDS ll Plus

– Mercedes Benz– HTA-MBR

– Porsche WA

– Aston Martin WA HawkEye HD

Hunter Conventional Alignment:

– VW Group VAS1944 – DSP500

– BMW – KDS I – DSP500

– Mercedes Benz– HTA-MBE – DSP500

– Porsche WA DSP700

Download your copy of VAS 6292 Wheel Alignment System copy in PDF format

Download your copy of the KDS Wheel Alignment Systems in PDF format

Download your copy of the HTA-MB Wheel Alignments Systems in PDF format

Note: these are the MAIN approvals – and we would be pleased to give additional details for the many manufacturers and franchise types not listed above

For Independent workshops or bodyshops requiring multi OE approvals, Pro-Align can offer a Hunter Aligner a tailored suite of OE Software and hardware to meet multi OE standards.