Mercedes Benz

Pro-Align supplies a very wide range of homologated aligners and balancers

  • Customised for Mercedes Benz Vehicles
  • HTA-MBR The first for MB Imaging Alignment
  • HTA-MBR: Complies with MB adjustment requirements
  • GSP97MB: The only Road Force diagnostic system
  • Hunter equipment = Simply Professional

Hunter has worked closely with Mercedes Benz, customising the software to meet their strict model specific requirements and provide superior high precision alignments and balancing on all their cars and light commercial vehicles.Download the Mercedes-Benz Tyre Programme in PDF format.

MB Alignment

Designed with Mercedes software, take a look at our Hunter alignment solutions.

MB Balancing

Hunters innovative vibration control system solves the most difficult vibration complaints.

MB Tyre Changing

Save time and effort with our revolutionising Hunter tyre changers.

MB Quick Check

Speculatively check the alignment on every customer car entering the dealership.