Hunter PA200 LITE


PA200 LITE Alignment System

PA200 Lite Alignment System

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PA200 Lite Alignment System

This system brings Hunters innovation to those workshops who are limited on space and budget, whilst still offering high level of professional four wheel alignment servicing with similar measurement accuracy to that of the imaging system.


  • High speed & wireless
  • Pro Align software
  • Short Roll compensation
  • Light contemporary design
  • Hunter high standard hardware


DSP700 Conventional Sensors

These modern high speed wireless DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Sensors use the latest integrated microprocessors to measure alignment angles. Unlike many conventional sensors the DSP700 allows the user to carry out ‘rolling compensation’ (a short rollback), making the whole alignment measurement process quicker and easier than the traditional ‘jacking compensation’ method. The new design and styling means they are so much lighter, but without loss of strength or features.

Console operating system options:

Hunter WA – can be tailored to your very own needs. There are many cabinet/monitor configurations, to these you then select the software required and sensor styles.

Softwares: The WA utilises the ‘award winning’ WinAlign software. An intuitive alignment sequence provides a smooth and easy path through the alignment job from start to finish. It has been designed to cater for all skill levels with on screen help just a ‘mouse click away’.

WebSpecs: enables online instant access to latest car specifications.

Hunter PA200 Plus: – console is our quality mid range system, but still offers the same high standard of hardware as the WA with its own custom designed ‘ProAlign’ software.

The flexibility of the PA200 means it is available with either standard conventional or Imaging sensors.

Download the PA200 Lite specification sheet in PDF format