Hunter Quick Check

Hunter Quick Check

Hunter Quick Check

Wheel Alignment – Quickest way to identify misalignment video

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Hunter Quick Check

The quickest way to identify misalignment

Provides a rapid six point preliminary alignment reading, helping workshops to pre-filter potentially misaligned vehicles in less than a minute!

A perfect business opportunity identifier


  • A Speculative Alignment first
  • Misalignment diagnosis is under 60 seconds
  • Patented ‘no metal to metal; Quick Grip Clamps
  • Drive thru or Multi bay
  • Fit clamps – input data – roll – Job done!

Speculative alignment checks which are critical for unlocking significant workshop profits has long been a focus for Hunter. This complementary Quick Check service means that workshops can now significantly improve their efficiency and equipment utilisation with more modest levels of investment or without the need to replace their main alignment system.

A perfect addition to workshops equipped with slower alignment equipment or those Hunter-equipped centres that already experience a high throughput.

There is no substitute for a full 14 angle measurement with rolling compensation – as with the Hunter HawkEye Elite TD, but the new service allows workshops to quickly identify those vehicles that are most likely to be in need of a proper check and subsequent geometry adjustments. By using Quick Check they can ensure their main system is used exclusively for revenue generating work.

As Quick Check measures only some of the key alignment angles, it does not require a dedicated alignment ramp and can even be done on the floor. Indeed, the system can be supplied either as a fixed drive through unit or as a multi-bay mobile system which can be moved between workshop areas giving greater flexibility– ideal for larger workshops and Franchise dealers.

Download the Quick Check specification sheet in PDF format

Download your copy of the Quick Check brochure in PDF format


Discover how much you can earn

Daily Quick Check Revenue Calculator*

for Hunter Alignment Health Check

Typical Data
Number of workshop bookings (per day)
Alignment 'failure' advise rate % 73%
Number of alignment sales opportunities
Upsell rate (average 25‒45%) 35%
Number of alignments sold
Alignment charge £90
Revenue (per day) £
Daily equipment lease cost (based on 5 year lease) £14
Net result
Net daily revenue £
Net annual revenue (based on 260 working days per year) £

* All data/experience from Pro-Align’s independent tyreshop customer base.

Figures based on premises/workshop space and technican already available & at the lower revenue generation range, many are well above this.

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