Quick Tread


Hunter’s innovative Quick Tread automatically measures the tread of each tyre with no manual input.

  • The Aftermarket ‘first’ drive over tread depth scanner
  • Simply drive the car over the scanner for results
  • Scans 50mm tyre segment – not just a line scan
  • Delivers upto six tread readings per tyre straight away
  • Saves time and trips round the car

When you thought wheel servicing technology couldn’t get any better Hunter delivers a truly ground breaking system. Quick Tread deliver a new rapid check service opportunity whilst integrating with existing tyre sales and wheel alignment to maximise workshop revenue. It is straightforwardly simple: Drive the car over the Quick tread scanners and the results are immediately displayed. Clear effective printout show the true condition of the tyre tread, with a 3D model diagram. The evidence is there for all to see and even available to send via email and online access to mobile devices. The Hunter pedigree and quality of build means it has been designed to work seamlessly in the inherent poor environmental location directly below a wet car tyre. Quick Tread is available as either a stand alone unit or as an add on module to Hunter Quick Check system Basic hand held tread measurement could soon be a thing of the past!

Download the Quick Tread specification sheet in PDF format