Revolution Tyre Changer

Revolution Tyre Changer

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Revolution Tyre Changer video

Revolution Tyre Changer

Advanced robotics makes this the most fully automated ‘No Effort’ tyre changer in the aftermarket today.

  • Fully automatic
  • Space saving spindle wheel lift
  • New swift & versatile clamping system
  • Automatic leverless tool & demounting hook
  • Minimal training – skill level for all!

The Revolution is the most advanced tyre changer available in the aftermarket today and, thanks to its fully-automated processes, allows technicians to change tyres effortlessly in exactly the same way, taking the same amount of time, every time. What’s more, the innovative system operates in an identical manner regardless of whether the tyre is standard, large, low profile and even runflat versions which can often present challenges due to their narrow or stiff sidewalls.

Capable of changing tyres up to 50” in diameter, the start of the Revolution process could not be easier. With an integrated spindle wheel lift and swift central clamping, the technician is soon setting the diameter and position of the valve or TPMS unit. Simply pressing the ‘Go’ foot pedal initiates all functions including breaking the beads and using its leverless hook to demount the bead. TPMS systems are even tracked automatically to avoid any damage to expensive componentry.

Once the technician replaces the tyre, the Revolution’s power arm mounts this onto the rim. After the hose is connected to the tyre, it inflates safely to its correct operating pressure. As with many Hunter systems, animations and help videos are available through the system interface, to help any technicians who require additional assistance or explanation.
Download the Revolution specification sheet in PDF format