Promote your alignment service in 2019

Is it time that you promote your Aligner service 

Want to find out how to promote your aligner service to new and existing customers this year? 

Whether you have been a Hunter aligner customer for years, or whether you are thinking of investing in a Hunter wheel alignment system; 2019 is the year that your aligner service is going to be bigger and better than ever.

Why is that? Because our marketing department has listed some tips and tricks on how you can efficiently and effectively promote your alignment service through marketing in these easy steps, and most of them won’t cost you a penny.

Here are some examples of what you can do to promote your alignment service this year and beyond:

Promote your aligner service


Take your own photos

You don’t have to invest in fancy camera equipment to succeed at this!

If you have a smartphone, snap away at your technicians working on your Hunter aligner system, the outside and inside of your workshop and create a visual for your customers to see before coming to you.

Videos are becoming more and more effective online and offline. Videos can be used on social media, including Instagram stories, plus why not shoot and edit your own promotional video for your customers to watch whilst they wait in your waiting room?

The possibilities are endless from what you can achieve from a smartphone. 

Website and blog updates

Your website should be your customer’s first port of call – so make sure it’s up to date!

If you use a website platform like WordPress or Squarespace that is easy to edit and manage, it is vital to keep everything updated.

Having a blog on your website is another way of creating free PR for you and your business, as well as giving your business an online voice. Let your business personality shine and tell customers why they should come to you for their wheel alignment needs. 

Social media 

There are not many businesses out there that are NOT on social media. It’s everywhere we go!

Getting yourself on social media is vital if you want your customers to connect with you. Nowadays, it’s not enough for people to search for you on Google for your address and contact details – customers want to physically see that you’re actively showcasing your products and services and that you’re active in the industry.

Start off with a Facebook page, as this is the bread and butter of all social media platforms where you can effectively communicate your story, your special offers and much more about your alignment service. This is also a good way of receiving customer reviews, which let potential customers know what your existing customers think of your business.

Email marketing

Want to grab your customer’s attention by creating emails that land straight in their inboxes?

MailChimp is an easy-to-use email marketing service that lets you customise your own email campaigns that you can send to your customers. This is a great way to promote things like special offers, new products and services and more. Just make sure whatever emails you get access to, you have full permission to use them (read this useful GDPR article on the do’s and don’ts.)

You can sign up to our email marketing list to find out more about our products and services. 

Promotional marketing 

It’s not all about online marketing – offline marketing still exists and is still as important.

If you want to give your customers a hard-copy of something for them to take home, getting started with business cards. Give your customers a direct and personal way to contact you, as a business card can include details like your email address, telephone, website and even social media links. 

You can also use all those photos you took on your smartphone or camera to create and design promotional materials like flyers, leaflets and booklets to display in your waiting room or to give to customers. You can easily make these on free editing programmes like Canva

Or better yet, why not invest in promotional branded items like pens, notepads, mouse-pads and more. There are many companies across the country who specialise in promotional branded items. Now you can give customers a booklet of your services, which includes a business card and a pen – promotional marketing!


Have you heard of AlignMyCar? Did you know, if you purchase an Aligner system with us, you will receive a 12 month free of charge membership to our dedicated online portal for Wheel Alignment at AlignMyCar

Not only is it educational for everyday motorists on the importance of wheel alignment, but it’s an effective way of getting your aligner business on the map so that local people can find you. We receive enquiries every day from customers that contact our Hunter approved listed centres through our website and we provide marketing support to help you promote this. 

Are you ready to take your aligner business to the next level? Why not start with our marketing pack, which contains plenty of resources to get you started, plus marketing support which can be personalised to your needs.

Get in touch with our marketing department today!

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