Revolution WalkAway

Revolution WalkAway
Hunter's Revolution Tire Changer

The new Edition to the Hunter Revolution, The WalkAway.

The New Edition Hunter Revolution™ tyre changer machine is truly one-of-a-kind. This fully automatic tyre changer is the easiest tyre changer to use in the industry.

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Hunter's Revolution Tire Changer

More Productive Service.

With traditional changers, technicians are required to operate the machine all of the way throughout the tyre changing process. However, the new Revolution WalkAway offers 80 seconds of unattended bead breaking and demounting, meaning that technicians can perform other tasks such as wheel balancing while other tyres within a set are being demounted. Indeed, with the new WalkAway tyre changer, Hunter estimates that the process of changing and balancing a complete set of four identical wheels and tyres is 25 percent faster than traditional methods.


Fully Automatic Status Indicator Lamp
WalkAway™ Mode “Go” Pedal Controls Operation
Space Saving Wheel Lift Powered Press Arms
Hunter's Revolution Tire Changer

25%+ Time Reduction Possible.

  • Hunter Revolution tyre changer gets innovative upgrade
  • Walkaway feature enables technicians to simultaneously multi-task
  • New tyre change and balance process is 25 % faster than traditional cycles
This innovative new standard has been introduced to Hunter’s industry leading fully-automatic Revolution tyre changer, delivering even more efficiency improvements and safety benefits for workshops.
WalkAway Time
Changing a tyre

Traffic Indicator Lamp.

A helpful ‘traffic light’ status indicator system indicates when the machine is in operation, stopped, or requires operator input. The simplicity of the system means that operators just have to make four critical decisions during operation compared with 17 for conventional tyre changers, streamlining training and ease of use.
Hunter's Revolution Tire Changer

Fully Automatic.

WalkAway mode frees the operator for other tasks while the machine demounts the next tyre in the set.
  • Saves time, effort and mistakes
  • Adds safety
  • Eliminates experience gap
  • Simplifies training

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