Business Certainty

Business Certainty

How do you deal with “economic and business uncertainty”?
Simply, take charge of your own destiny, reassess your business model and workshop strategy in order to meet the challenges head-on.

We have an unrivalled collection of ‘tools’ needed to help your workshop be able to achieve Business Certainty.

When investing in our equipment you are guaranteed a fully supportive company who delivers so much more to you and your workshop than just equipment.

To us, your success is our success. Our key and unique approach to business certainty is down to:


Hunter Diagnostic Equipment

Having equipment that not only does the job you hoped, but can also identify additional business opportunities, deliver workshop efficiencies, productivity and profitability, has got to be a must in challenging times.

Hunter is also a brand; motorists/customers are ask for by name, technicians of all skill levels find it easy to use, take ownership and pride as the investment has been made in them. The resultant effect for your business is improved technician retention, making for a higher standard of service delivery, and resulting in improved customer satisfaction with future trust.

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Business Strategies

We offer you a business opportunity, we are not interested in selling you equipment if you don’t want to maximise its potential. So when you invest with us, we invest in you, spending the time to offer advice, guidance and talk you through strategies to maximise the equipment return on investment and see workshop business growth.

See the Hunter Alignment Profit/Payback calculator below

Marketing Assistance

Selling your service is an important part of any business strategy, but at Pro-Align we offer a whole suite of Marketing support materials and print ready artwork. Which if you were to design your own equivalent promotional material set would cost you £1,000’s.
It’s truly a value package not to be ignored.

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Management Support

We give personal support and guidance at Management level and in addition Hunter’s innovative cloud based HunterNet, unique to the alignment marketplace delivers, Management figures and analytics which are at your fingertip 24/7.

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100% Pro-Align Care

Pro-Align has for 25+ years, built a reputation of giving the best and most transparent, and reliable Pre and Post sales care. All customers get 100% Pro-Align care. We do not use third parties, so right from point of initial contact, to order, to equipment build, to installation, IMI QAA Training, Aftersales, Service and beyond is all Pro-Align. We fully understand ‘downtime is lost revenue’ so are constantly reinvesting to ensure we keep service times to a minimum. You and your equipment will be truly cared for.

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Work your alignment profit out for yourself and let the figures do the talking…

Payback Calculator

Step 1: Input your numbers into the box below

Regular Imaging Aligners
Elite TD
    Number of speculative cars measured  
  Number of jobs sold from above  
£  Cost per Job
(including basic front adjustment)
£  Additional Adjustments Charge
(Individual rear toe, cambers, caster etc)
    Number of additional adjustments
  Additional Adjustments Value  
Daily Gross Alignment Revenue

Step 2: See your daily equipment cost

Regular Imaging Aligners Equipment Hunter Elite TD
£12  Daily Equipment Cost £
(5 Year Lease)
  Net Revenue per Day  
£0 Net Increase per Day  

Step 3: See how much you can earn

Increase in alignment revenue NET Results:
Weekly Increase
Monthly Increase
Annual Increase

Step 4: Contact us for a full consultation