Vans – The needy but neglected vehicles

There’s no doubt that the majority of vans and light commercial vehicles lead a tough life and in many instances, it’s their tyres, steering and suspension systems that bear the brunt of the abuse. Regularly bumping up kerbs to make multi-drop deliveries or travelling across uneven and unpaved building sites to transport tradesmen means that not only do the vehicle’s tyres suffer potentially high levels of damage, but its alignment can also be affected. Consequently, this compromises vehicle safety and increases running costs as a result of added fuel consumption and rapid tyre wear.

While a growing number of private motorists now recognise the need for regular wheel alignment checks to extend the life of their tyres and ensure their vehicle remains set up as the motor manufacturer intended, a significant and potentially lucrative opportunity still exists for workshops to educate van users in the same manner.

“Long gone are the days of vans being utilitarian vehicles,” explains Paul Beaurain, Managing Director, the exclusive UK distributor of Hunter wheel servicing equipment. “Many now provide users with fantastic levels of comfort and ride quality which needs to be maintained. What’s more, with many vans racking up high levels of mileage around the clock, it’s incredibly important that their wheel alignment is regularly checked. By offering van users a regular wheel alignment check, workshops can help operators keep their running costs down and also benefit from any subsequent alignment adjustment work or replacement tyre sales that are needed. It really is a win-win situation.” 


Alignment systems such as the Hunter HawkEye Elite TD can be used to perform a speculative Quick Check on vans in as little as 90 seconds, quickly identifying a service opportunity or giving the van user the peace of mind that their alignment is OK.


To see in more detail information about light commercial vehicle alignment please see here 

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