About Hunter

Hunter – The Brand

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World leading Brand

Hunter is a world leading brand of wheel servicing equipment, bringing revolutionary equipment from revolutionary ideas, with the one ultimate aim: to improve wheel servicing for workshops worldwide.

The company has a history of ‘firsts’ – from modest but revolutionary beginnings with Lee Hunter’s first ever ‘quick battery charger’ in 1936 to today’s first in automating of alignment with Hunter’s FIA – Fully Integrated Alignment system.

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We strive to improve in all areas, but by being a comparatively small independent, if changes are needed we can react and implement them quickly and efficiently.

To achieve this, Hunter’s investment in research and development is unequaled in the industry. R & D is undertaken all in-house and renowned for casting aside convention to produce new innovative and technologically advanced equipment. Many of which are heavily patented.

State of the art equipment requires state of the art manufacturing and the main production based at three plants in Mississippi and one in Missouri, with Hunter’s Head quarter at St Louis, Missouri USA.

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Simply Professional

Hunter are dominant in their own market, however such is the reputation of their products that they are now approved by motor manufacturers, car dealerships and tyre retailers around the world. Even in countries, such as Germany, where historically home wheel servicing manufacturers have dominated, Hunter is now stealing a lead.

The Pro-Align and Hunter professional partnership has been built through working closely together over the years, providing technical and market feedback. To the point that Pro-Align are now held in high regard and are well respected by all in Hunter, including Stephen F Brauer, the Hunter Chairman.