Workshop business getting tougher? Get Business certainty!

Workshop business getting tougher?
Get Business Certainty!

Workshops owner are telling us how tough workshop servicing is becoming, but our customers are telling us just how are glad they invested in Hunter, and pleased to see business turn around! That’s Business Certainty!

So what makes what we do, different and better?

Hunter Diagnostic Equipment

Hunter design all their equipment with you, your technicians and your customers in mind. They don’t compromise on quality, its built to last and not manufactured in China. They design it to be quick, labour and time saving to ensure productivity is maximised. The Hunter servicing features offering new and additional service level that remain unrivalled Technicians love it because its quick and easy to use, suits all skill sets and demonstrates a level of investment too, which helps with skill set retention. For customers it’s a brand they are asking for by name, delivers service transparency and is visually impressive The Power of Hunter is unmeasurable, when it comes to the value it can add to your service and your business.

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Business Strategies

The equipment you choose for your workshop is important, but having a business strategy can be equally important if you want to achieve improved level of workshop servicing, raise standards and see business growth. In our experience, few workshops have considered this or know where to start. At Pro-Align we give you personal support to help create a strategy and guidance on its service implementation. We don’t just deliver equipment we deliver effective ways to generate greater servicing opportunities!

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Marketing Assistance

You are excellent at servicing and repairing vehicles but are definitely not Marketers or do not always have the resources to employ someone. That’s why we share our marketing expertise with our customers and offer a complete suite of alignment marketing support materials and print ready artwork. Which if you were to design your own equivalent promotional material would saves you over £1,000.

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Management Support

Anyone running a business knows being able to have a finger on the pulse of your servicing activity, is also instrumental to improvement. Whether a single site or multiple site the combination of 24/7 HunterNet, access across Hunter inspection range ensures owners and management have greater insight into the upsell opportunities and service analytics.

100% Pro-Align Care

We hear all too often workshops buy equipment and the aftersales support is just not there. That is not the case with us. We have built a reputation of giving the best, most transparent, and reliable Pre and Aftersales care. We do not use third parties, so right from point of initial contact, to order, to equipment build, to installation, IMI QAA Training, Aftersales servicing and beyond is all provided by us. A strength unrivalled.

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Payback Calculator

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Regular Imaging Aligners
Elite TD
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  Additional Adjustments Value  
Daily Gross Alignment Revenue

Step 2: See your daily equipment cost

Regular Imaging Aligners Equipment Hunter Elite TD
£12  Daily Equipment Cost £
(5 Year Lease)
  Net Revenue per Day  
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Step 3: See how much you can earn

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